Up up down down left right left right…. Project Proposal

My Idea (an attempt at it) is creating a level for a game. As everyone probably doesn’t know, I am a huge gamer nerd and an owner of hundreds of games. Some of my favorite games are from Indy developers like ourselves would be. We would be working with Adobe Flash. While there might be better programs out there I think flash is the most suitable for our time and would be way more fun to learn then any other. A lot of awesome games are created with flash such as the games below.

Castle Crashers


Binding of Isaac


Some might say this would be a hard challenge to complete in just 5 weeks and I know that, I think just being able to make a creator with a story a few back drops and some enemies all with movement and AI would be amazing! All we would really need to do is create one level which would be probably be enough to show off towards the end.

“But Alan, Doesn’t this require weeks and weeks of tiring coding?” Nah, I say! I have dipped my feet into action scripting (adobe coding system) and created small games in the past (very small games). I also helped code (not flash but c scripting) and create a small mmorpg (decayed of zombies). I am will to stay up long nights and figure out more of adobe scripting and such it this choice is deemed worthy. If you think you are not right for the job and still an amazing artist with crazy ideas Binding of Isaac Creator Edmund McMillen, also the creator of Super Meat boy (a flash game), DOES NOT EVEN KNOW HOW TO SCRIPT OR CODE!!! His ideas are given to him in his sleep then drawn millions of times into a sketch book placed into Photoshop then shipped off to his pal Tommy to debug and code the sprites.

So the idea I have thought of is to create a 2d platforming game. I do not want to do anything with polygons so 3d is out of the question for me.

Over the past my life, I have seen the wrongs and rights of games and compiled a bunch of rights which i would love to incorporate into this game.

-an epic story!

I really like adventure and having to find my way through puzzles in search for great treasures and upgrades.


Exploring and finding all the hidden powers which would help towards the end of the game but not required

-Loot Rates

Have you ever found an amazing item that none of your friends has and jealously ensues? The feeling of being the best with the best? I want that

-Unique enemies

I don’t want no zombie AI’s that walk into my shotgun and just sit there while i slice its into bacon strips. I want them to make me think before i move.


I love stats and farming, This is what makes players different and is no longer in any games. Why can’t I become more powerful then the bosses? I want him to feel my wrath!

-Hidden Secrets

You know what I mean Konami and Ed Boon

-Music that makes you feel

It’s a must have

– Equiptables

I want to look more like the bosses do towards the end of the game. Having items and dragging them to your equipment and changing your appearance



Still think we couldn’t do this in 5 weeks with 15 people?

A few months ago, The creators of Minecraft, Mojang created a working game in only 60 hours!

Catacomb snatch


I know that a lot of you aren’t gamers but this is an awesome collaborative projects that require almost every type of artist working together.

Just to put it all in one paragraph.

The game we would be creating would be a 2d plat-former with multiple directions towards the end with hidden objects and difficult passage ways and a a boss at the end to test your stats and skills which you should have obtained in your trip to the end. I don’t want a very serious environment and want to make it a goofy game with stupid and silly events that happen. I want to have fun with this and make everyone love doing the part in which they are assigned to.

The best part about this is that if we could create just one level with all the movement and action going correctly we could potential continue this project on to be much bigger.





Created by a bunch of college students

Indy game: The movie

Inspirational movie ❤ T.T


~ by Alan Standfield on February 19, 2013.

8 Responses to “Up up down down left right left right…. Project Proposal”

  1. This seems like a very exciting but also highly ambitious project. I’d be very interested to see a more thorough breakdown of tasks as presented in your project outline.

  2. I agree with the other Matt, this project is highly ambitious. Do you have some sort of story in mind for the game? Even if you are doing one level of a game with a larger story, what is that story? How do you plan on setting up that story in one level? Is it possible to put links up or embed your games in the blog so we can see what you’ve done before? While your project is ambitious, I believe that it could be manageable to create in 5 weeks.

    • Sadly I lost the few Flash games I made in the past. It was just a tower defense game and a 2d run and jump game. If you want to check out that mmo I helped out in you can check out mmorpg.dracsoft.com. It shut down because of the constant hackers and complainers.

  3. I do not have much experience in creating games. However, video games are my favorite form of art and I would really love to get the chance to work one. I have a really good idea of what goes into a game because I watch Extra Creditz (http://www.youtube.com/user/ExtraCreditz). Do not be afraid that it would be a short level that is not polished because it most likely will not happen.

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  5. I really like the idea you’ve come up with, it just seems very in depth. Maybe try to come up with a slimmed down version, as i feel like making a game takes time.

  6. As a huge gamer nerd myself this project really does get me excited! I don’t have really any animation skills, but I would love to help out with this in any way I can!

  7. Developing a game was something I always wanted to work on, but had no chance due to lack of workforce. With people from different majors I think we could collaborate and come up with something new. One thing I am worried about is amount of time we have. 5 weeks does not sound like a enough time if we want to make this game to look amazing. Other than that, I look forward to be part of this project.

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